Unarmed Security Guard Training in Pennsylvania

February 19, 2013

To become a Pennsylvania security guard you or your employer must file a Security Guard License petition with the county clerk’s office.


While no exact requirements are stated. The following things will go a long way in getting your petition approved.

  • At least 18 years of age
  • United States Citizen or resident alien
  • Mentally and emotionally stable
  • Good moral character
  • No alcohol or drug dependencies
  • No felony or criminal convictions.

Application Process

You must first submit your petition to the Clerk of Courts along with a set of fingerprint cards. Once this has been done your petition will be forwarded to the court administrator. The District Attorney will then review your petition, perform a background check and write a report and recommendation. Finally you will attend a hearing where the District Attorney’s recommendation will be reported. Thus it is up to a judge to approve your application.

  • Fingerprint cards to go with your petition
  • 2 passport style photos
  • Letter from character witnesses confirming that you are of good moral character
  • Completed Order for Hearing form before appearing at the hearing


There is a $17.50 fingerprint fee and a $200 license fee if your petition is approved.


Promulgation of Local Rules of Civil Procedure; No. 6513 CV 2005

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