Security Guard Equipment – Everything You Need On The Job

July 4, 2013

As a security guard there is a range of equipment that you need to carry with you while you are on the job. The gear not only protects yourself, but also the property which you are guarding. The following presents a list of useful security guard gear and tools that help you perform your job. Depending on the job you are assigned you may not need everything that is listed, but many of the items are used by most security guards in the field.


A badge is mainly used for identification and are unique for each security firm. The badge should be clearly visible and should have the name of the security company for which you works. Like your uniform, the badge provides a distinction between you and a civilian. This is important so that people may not take advantage and pose as security guards with their own motives. It also helps when a civilian needs help from a security guard because they can easily identify you.


It is a non-lethal stick like weapon used in self-defense situations. It’s also used to disperse a rowdy crowd or individual. What makes this equipment amazing is the fact that it can make things calm even without it being used. The fact that you are carrying one and is visible can keep situations from escalating. In many states special training is required before you can use one on the job.


The security guard belt is a multifunctional duty belt which gives you an authoritative posture. It is also known as gun belt. This belt has a variety of functions and you need to have one in order to carry out your duties well. To begin with, it holds such important tools such as handcuffs, baton, radio, mag pouch, taser, hand gun, flashlight, plastic gloves, wipes and pepper spray. Wearing a belt like this you can carry everything you need and still look smart, presentable, and feel comfortable because it is specially designed to carry these tools with ease.

Body spray

When dealing with people you need to be presentable. Being all sweaty and smelly could make people avoid approaching you in a time of need. Therefore a body spray is a good choice to mask your body odor. There are many wonderful body sprays on the market today. Some are even specifically designed for your body chemistry and mask smells quite well. If you use a high quality body spray, you will never feel uncomfortable while you are working as a security guard or interacting with the public.


These are sturdy type of protective footwear covering the feet and up to the leg below the knee. Because you will often walk around and stand for long hours a pair of good and comfortable boots goes a long way in ensuring that you remain comfortable throughout your shift. A steel toe model can be used for additional protection.

Bulletproof vest

When you are protecting people, property, and controlling access to places you need appropriate gear. Sometimes the work includes a risk of getting shot at in which case you may be required to wear a bulletproof vest or body armor. Bulletproof vests are worn on the torso and is made of layers of strong fiber which help protect you from the impact of projectiles. They do this by absorbing the impact of the bullet and bringing it to a stop before it penetrates the fiber. Bulletproof vests are generally used to protect the upper part of the body. The bulletproof vests therefore help protect the guards from bullets and in turn helps save their lives in the line of duty. Without the vests, the security guards would be vulnerable to bullets and they might lose their lives.

Cell phone

This is a portable, handheld mobile radiotelephone operated by cellular radio. Even though most of your communication while on duty may be through a walkie-talkie, a cell phone enables you to call relevant authorities when need arises e.g. in case of fire he may call the fire department. Having important numbers on speed dial allows you to easily access them when need arises. The cell phone could also be used in cases where radio is not an option.


A clipboard or a binder for paper great as a hard surface for paper when you are out on patrol. Likewise a binder can perform the same function and keep important documents and notes in one place so that they do not get lost.

Dark tint sun glasses

Sun glasses can help protect your eyes from the sun. They help you avoid eye fatigue in bright settings and they also hide your eyes preventing people from seeing where your focus is. This could possibly prevent them from bypassing you as a guard. In addition sun glasses can protect your eyes in case someone throws something at you. Some models are even designed to be worn at night and improve your night vision.


When you spend long hours out in the elements without many breaks to freshen up a deodorant may come in handy so as to feel and appear sharp. Since you will most likely be wearing heavy gear and non-breathable clothes during your shift, sweating is very common. Without deodorant to mask the body odor smell and absorb the moisture from the sweat, you will eventually start to feel uncomfortable and as bacteria develop your smell may also affect others. Since you are in charge of protecting the public and making them feel safe, this is a small thing that can make you more approachable.

Digital camera

A digital camera is a handy device to take pictures and record videos of events occurring on the job. With it security threats can easily be documented can be used as first hand evidence that will assist you in explaining what happened. It is especially useful for investigations that take place after an incidence.

Evidence bags and tags

If a crime happens and you need to secure evidence before the police arrives to take over the situation it can be a good idea to have a few evidence bags along with tags to stick on them to conserve any evidence left behind. When you do use the a bag make sure to you write down to whom the evidence belongs, what happened, where, and how.


This is a battery-powered portable light used to enhance visibility of objects and people in dark or dimly lit places and especially at night. Getting a good flashlight providing lots of light is important when you need to search dark places. A popular choice among security guards is the Maglite.


Should you encounter lawbreakers in the course of your duty, you may have to make a citizen’s arrests. In this case handcuffs can be used to secure suspects. They are made of two parts which are then connected. Each of the two parts go around one wrist of the individual and is then locked so that the individual cannot free themselves. They have keys to lock and unlock them. When locked, the individual cannot move his or her hands and therefore find it difficult to perform other tasks. Handcuffs are important because they help you control suspected criminals so they cannot cause more trouble or try to escape from custody.


A handgun is used as a means of self protection against an impending danger or threat. A license is generally required before it can be used on duty. A gun in your holster is a great deterrent to potential problems. Of course carrying one comes with great responsibility and you must be sure to abide by the law when carrying. Carrying on the job also often comes with a higher pay, nut with it also comes higher risk.

Hat or cap

Hats provide a variety of different functions. They are helpful for shielding your eyes from natural elements, such as: sun and rain. Hats are also functional for keeping other agitating materials out of the eyes. When giving chase or even simply keeping a watchful eye on a perimeter, full visibility is a requirement. Caps are a simple way to add an extra layer of protection. Caps are also capable of keeping a guard’s head warmer if patrolling in a cold climate. Also, a security hat, depending on their design, is capable of distinguishing a guard as a person of authority.

Heated vest

A heated vest provide warmth at night and in cold weather. It is made of a very thin and strong non metallic microfiber. It is portable and is charged with a portable battery. Once charged, it uses the low powered infrared radiation to radiate heat to your body. The temperature can often be controlled with the help of a button.


A knife is a sharp edged object used as an offensive weapon, a deterrent weapon, a defensive weapon as well as handy cutter. Most knives are made from diamond, galvanized steel or aluminum. The risky nature of the work that security personnel do requires confidence in abudance. It is unlikely that a would be criminal would attempt an attack against you when you have this dangerous weapon.

Lint roller

A lint roller helps remove lint from your clothes so that you can be sharp and look the part. Looking your best on the job is an important part in being an authority figure and making people feel safe.

Mace (pepper spray)

The pepper spray is an aerosol spray consisting of oil derived from cayenne pepper which is irritating to the eyes and the respiratory passages. This is normally used for disabling a threat as it causes temporary blindness and incapacitates the attacker. The best use for it is when a security guard wishes to temporarily repress an attacker without causing permanent damage to them. However, most security guards need to undergo special training before they are allowed to use it in the field. This ensures that you know how and when to correctly use it while they are on duty.

Mini first aid kit

A mini first aid kit is a small and portable form of a first aid kit. It is important to both you, the security guard, and civilians e.g. someone may come up to you to ask for a bandaid or otherwise be need help with an injury. A kit can include things like bandages, antibiotic ointment, antiseptic wipes and more.


These are sharp edged handy man tools that can include utilities like scissors, a knife, carabiner, pinchers, a file, a bottle opener and more. Most of them are made using galvanized steel or diamond. Multi-tools are especially handy since they can substitute and compliment many other tools that you needs to carry such as hard wire cutters, screw drivers, can openers, scissors etc. They make you look more tidy as their work uniform is not cluttered with a lot of equipment. Some of the popular multi-tools brands in the market include; Leatherman, Gerber Multiplier 600, and Work Pro 2-in-1 multi-tool.

Pen and paper

A pen and a paper is probably one of the most useful tools available to you. With it you will be able to write down observations for future reference. Likewise it also comes in handy when you are patrolling and need to write down a case that and later use the written notes to draft a more detailed report.

Plastic gloves

Plastic gloves are essential for handling dirty and potentially toxic objects. They ensure that your hands are kept clean and free from exposure to contamination which can lead to infections and diseases. They are highly permeable thus will not allow water and dust particles to get through to the skin. Plastic gloves are affordable, easy to use, clean and maintain. They are also comfortable when worn and they fit well into the hand. Therefore having a few pairs on you is often a good idea.

Puncture proof gloves

Puncture proof gloves are good to have should come into contact with needles, sharp objects and other dangerous materials, with these you will not have to worry about injuries. They are often multi-layered and are very thick in order to protect you. It is always best to plan for the worst and expect the best in life and by purchasing puncture proof gloves you will be able to touch anything during your shift without worrying about injury or possible dangers.


This is a two way communication device with secure transmitting channels that helps you communicate with your colleagues. It can also be used to communicate with the relevant authorities such as the fire department or the police. In heady situations you can use it to warn, alert, or communicate sensitive information to your colleagues. A radio prevents a lot of disasters such as injury to colleagues and destruction of property. It is important to be trained in using a radio properly as it may be the difference between loosing and saving a life. The radios need to be securely latched to your belt using radio holder pouch. Clear earphones with a clip on microphone can also be used when you are in continous movement. Often your employer will issue a radio or ask you to purchase your own.

Rain poncho

When it rains it pours. If you are patrolling outside it certainly isn’t fun to be caught by a shower of rain. Rather than having set of spare clothing with you or spending the rest of your shift in a wet uniform a rain poncho comes in handy to keep you dry.

Reflective belt

Reflective belts increase the visibilty of security guards during a time when low visibility is exceedingly dangerous. These belts reflect and provide a light source when one is lacking. Typically, uniforms do not reflect light therefore this renders them an inadequate form of protection when performing duty in poorly lit areas. When directing traffic, reflective belts not only make it evident that a driver needs to increase their attention and focus, but also that they need to watch for instructions from the individual wearing the reflective belt. During times of low light, this gear can save lives, because they provide a distinct and recognizable symbol of caution to those navigating any vehicle.

Shoe polish

Shoe polish provides a polish and shine to your work boots. This not only shows tidiness and discipline, it also lends you an air of importance and dedication. It shows an attentiveness to not only your appearance, but your job. Shoe polish also provides extra protection against elements, such as moisture and also maintains the function and durability of work boots. By maintaining your boots the life span is greatly increased.


A taser is an electroshock weapon that is mostly used by security guards. It can be carried as a replacement for a handgun or a supplement to it. The taser has an involuntary control effect on the muscles. It mainly brings a law offender or culprit to his or her knees when they refuse to surrender. It is also a good piece of equipment for selfdefense and can be used to quell violence when it erupts in the vicinity where you are on duty.

Warm gloves

Working outside can at times be a cold experience. A pair of warm gloves will help you keep warm and keep your fingers nimble and ready to use the gear you have in your belt. When looking for gloves to purchase, look for gloves with thick insulation on the inside, a water proof outside and long cuffs to keep your wrists warm as well. While wearing warm gloves like the ones described, you can work outside for hours and your hands will not feel the least bit cold. Another option is to purchase wool gloves, these are also very warm. Fingerless gloves are also a good option as it keeps your fingers free for use.

Warm wool cap

Keeping yourself warm when it is cold outside is important when you are working outside. Protecting your head and your ears with a wool cap form the cold is one of the most effective ways to do this. The best ones to purchase are the ones that fit tightly on your head and cover your ears. Many wool caps for sale today are too loose and therefore do not keep the heat inside the cap. A lot of wool caps for sale today are very soft to touch and do not itch or have the traditional smell of wool. So if you are worried about the fact that wool is often itchy and hard to wear, purchasing one made of soft wool materials is best. Wool hats are proven to provide the most warmth even in extreme temperatures.

Water bottle

We all know how important it is to keep hydrated. Bring a water bottle so that you have access to water at any time. get one with a tight fitting lid and which is easy to clean and maintain.

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