Armed Security Guard Training

Becoming an armed security guard, while in many ways beneficial, has a more strict set of training requirements than working as an unarmed guard. Most states require that you acquire a license to carry firearms while on duty. In order to get a license you must complete additional hours of specialized state-approved firearms training.

While the exact requirements and training programs vary from state to state, all programs include an exhaustive background check to ensure that you meet the requirements for carrying a firearm.

Why should I become an armed security guard – how will I benefit?

There are several reasons why you should consider completing the additional training to carry firearms while on duty.

  • Armed security guards are paid more. While the salary varies from job to job and between states and cities the median salary for an armed security guard in the United States is $29.000 per year while the median unarmed security guard is $24.000.
  • Better career opportunities. Many security guard jobs are only available if you are licensed to carry a firearm while on duty. These jobs often entail more responsibility, like protecting money, valuables and people during transactions and transportation.
  • Additional protection. One of the hazards of being a security guard is verbal and physical assault. Carrying a firearm can have a deterrent effect and minimize potentially dangerous situations. Chances are you will never or at least rarely need to use your firearm while on duty.

If you are concerned about carrying a firearm on the job. Consider that, while carrying a firearm means that there is a risk you will have to use it, it may never leave its holster. Also firearms training will teach you the basics of handling firearms and situations requiring their use.

Firearms training – what will it teach me?

While course curriculum vary greatly between states they will generally teach you how to handle a firearm, self defense and laws pertaining to the use of firearms as a security guard.

Knowing how to properly handle a firearm is very important. A firearms course will teach you how to safely handle and store your firearm, how to make sure it is in tip top shape, how to fire it and how to recognize threats and using proper judgement before shooting.

The self defense part of the training will teach you essential techniques that will aid you in defending yourself. Self defense is taught both with and without a firearm. Shooting a firearm may look easy in the movies, but in reality it often takes both time and practice to to feel comfortable shooting a firearm and learning marksmanship skills. It is not uncommon that decide against finishing the firearms training as they are just too uncomfortable carrying a gun.

Finally learning the laws in regards to carrying and using firearms is very important. Not only will knowing the law help you pass your firearms training, they also help to save lives and keep people safe from harms way. The laws involved vary between states so you must make sure to take a course in your own area in order to gain the proper knowledge.

Where to get training and what are the requirements?

In order to work as an armed security guard you must complete training as mandated by the state you are going to work in. Some people are exempt from training, they include former licensed private investigators, military personnel, peace officers and police officers. Being either one of these you must still register with the state to get proof that you are allowed to carry a firearm while on duty as a security guard.

To find out more about the requirements for armed guard training in your area, please select your state below.

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