Armed Security Guard Training in South Dakota

February 19, 2013

There are no state level requirements for becoming an armed security guard in South Dakota. There are however requirements in regards to carrying firearms. There may be additional requirements at the county level. Therefore it is recommended that you contact the County’s Clerks office for more complete information.


While there are no official requirements, the following will help you gain employment as a security guard.

  • At least 21 years of age
  • United States citizen or resident alien
  • High school diploma, G.E.D. or equivalent
  • Good moral character
  • No felonies or violent criminal convictions.
  • No habitual drunkenness or narcotics addiction or dependence or other drug related offences.
  • If asked, submit to criminal background check
  • Complete firearms training (if required by your city)

Firearms training

Requirements vary between cities. Contact the County Clerk office for exact requirements. The following is generally needed.

  • Weapons permit
  • Proof of completed firearms training by  a certified instructor
  • Submittion to further background checks

Application Process

To become an armed security guard it is suggested that you seek employment with an established business providing security guard services.


Unarmed Security Guard Training in South Dakota

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