Armed Security Guard Training in New Mexico

February 10, 2013

To work as an armed  security guard in New Mexico you must have a level 3 license.


In addition to the requirements for becoming an unarmed security guard you must also

  • At least 21 years of age
  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • Have completed training for level 1 and 2
  • Complete a certified level 3 training course
  • Firearms certification if you wish to carry a firearm

Training course

The level 3 training course is 16 hours and includes.

  • The five firearms safety rules
  • Weapon manipulation
  • Types of sidearms
  • Firearm retention and equipment
  • Firearm storage devices
  • Locking devices
  • Ammunition and storage
  • Training household members
  • Hazards of loaded firearms in the home
  • Mental conditioning and tactics
  • Weapon manipulation and marksmanship
  • Threat recognition and judgmental shooting
  • Laws pertaining to firearms, deadly physical force and the exercise of the powers of arrest (minimum 4 hours)

Application process

The application process is the same as for unarmed guards except you should make sure you have the following additional items.

  • Firearms certification


There is a $15 fee for each level applied for and $44 fingerprinting fee.


Unarmed Security Guard Training in New Mexico
New Mexico Board of Private Investigations

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