Armed Security Guard Training in Nevada

February 10, 2013


In addition to the requirements for becoming an unarmed security guard in Nevada. Working as an an armed security guard includes the following requirements.

  • Must be at least 21 years of age
  • Obtain a firearms permit by completing firearms training with a certified instructor

Firearms training course

A firearms training course consists of 8 hours of training on carrying, handling and safe usage of firearms. 5 hours of range training. Subjects include, but is not limited to.

  • Legal and civil responsibilities related to firearms
  • Firearms terminology
  • Carrying, handling and using firearms safely
  • Fundamentals of safe handling and shooting of firearms
  • Range preparation
  • Firing range exercises


The firearms certification is valid for 5 years as long as you pass a firing range test with a score of at least 75% every 6 months to maintain your firearms certification card.

Application process

The application process follows that of an unarmed security guard except that you must also submit a firearm verification form.


There is an $85 application registration fee and a $20 work card replacement fee.


Unarmed Security Guard Training in Nevada
Nevada Private Investigators Licensing Board

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