Armed Security Guard Training in California

July 4, 2012

To become an armed security guard in the state of California you must, in addition to the requirements for getting a security guard license, have a firearms permit.


The requirements to obtain a California firearms permit are as follows;

  • Be a United States citizen or have permanent legal alien status.
  • Pass a 14 hour course in the carrying and use of firearms.
  • Submit firearms permit application and pay application fee as well as submit a signed Security Guard Registration with Firearms Permit Live Scan form.

Course Description

The 14 hour course firearms training course consists of 8 hours of classroom training and 6 hours of range training and covers;

  • Moral and legal aspects
  • Firearms nomenclature
  • Weapon handling and shooting fundamentals
  • Emergency procedures
  • Range training

The course is given by a training instructor at Bureau-certified training facility.

At the end of the course both written and range exams must be passed.


The firearms qualification card must be renewed every 2 years. As a holder of a firearms permit you must re-qualify 2 times within the first year of issuance and 2 times within the second year of issuance. Re-qualifications must be at least 4 months apart.

Application process

In contrast to applying for a guard card, applying for a firearms permit cannot be done online.

The Security Guard Registration w/Firearm Permit form, found at, must be completed.

The completed application package should be sent to Bureau of Security and Investigative Services, P.O. Box 989002, West Sacramento, CA 95798-9002.


There is an $80 application fee, a $38 Firearms Eligibility application fee, a $32 DOJ and a $19 FBI fingerprint processing fee.

Applying for both a firearms permit and guard registration at the same time is $219.


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