Armed Security Guard Training in Alaska

July 3, 2012


In addition to the requirements for getting a security guard license in Alaska. Getting a license to work as an armed security guard includes the following requirements.

  • No felony or criminal convictions preventing ownership or possession of firearms within 10 years of application.
  • 8 hours of pre-assignment training in the legal use, handling, safety, and maintenance of firearms.


Armed guards are required to re-qualify with a gun annually to maintain an armed license.

Application process

The application process is the same as when you apply for an Alaska security guard license, except you will also need;

  • A copy of your firearms qualification/certification.


There is a $50 non-refundable license application fee and a $51.50 fingerprint fee. A license is valid for two years and there is a $50 biannual renewal fee.


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